FIT weekly seminar week 36

Đăng ngày: 17-09-2016

Analysis And Fabrication Of A Mechanical Quick-Stop For Research On Chip Formation In Hard Turning Process

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Ngày và Giờ 07/05/2018 14:30
Địa điểm 101-A4 building
Chịu trách nhiệm Mr. Nguyen Thi Quoc Dung - Division of Mechanical Engineering taught in English
Loại hoạt động Giáo dục
Metal cutting is one of the most important machining processes in manufacturing industry. Thorough understanding of metal cutting process facilitates the optimization in selection of cutting tools and machining parameters. There are several methods used for studying phenomena in metal cutting process. Using quick-stop devices is an efficient technique for investigation cutting process in which cutting action is stopped so suddenly that the “froze” specimen called the chip root honestly depicts what happened during cutting action. Design strategies of a quick-stop are accelerating cutting tool away from the workpiece or decelerating the workpiece remaining in engagement with the tool. Operation of a quick-stop device can be either mechanically or explosively. Quick-stop devices can be utilized for various types of machining processes such as: turning, milling, drilling. This paper described the analysis, fabrication, and testing of a quick-stop device which is used for researching on chip formation in hard turning. This device has simple and safe operation which utilizes spring forces to retract the tool from workpiece during cutting. The results of performance at cutting speed of 283 m/min show that the separation distance is quite small, less than 0.2 mm so that the deformations on the root chip are close to that while actual machining process. This indicates that the device has satisfied the requirements of an equipment for studying on chip formation.

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