FIT weekly seminar week 32

Đăng ngày: 17-09-2016

Estimating the region of attraction for an autonomous system with CPA Lyapunov functions

Thông tin chi tiết

Ngày và Giờ 09/04/2018 14:30
Địa điểm Phòng họp khoa
Chịu trách nhiệm Mr. Dinh Van Tiep - Division of Natural Sciences taught in English
Loại hoạt động Giáo dục
Lyapunov Theorems give Dynamical system theory wonderful techniques to study the behavior of the solutions for the system about the equilibrium points. However, in order to use them, we must find a Lyapunov function first. Unfortunately, Lyapunov Converse Theorems only tell us the sufficient conditions for the existence of Lyapunov function in a nonconstructive way. So they are helpless to construct such a function. Recently, constructing Continuous Piecewise Affine (CPA) Lyapunov functions has been developed. So, basing on this technique and with the help of the Linearization (in order to find out whether the solution of the system is exponentially stable or not at the operating equilibrium point), we can determine weather such CPA Lyapunov functions exist, and we can also construct one. Then, this construction can help to find a very exact estimate of the region of attraction.

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