FIT weekly seminar week 31

Đăng ngày: 17-09-2016

The application of Cross Limit Control on speed adjustable belt scale systems

Thông tin chi tiết

Ngày và Giờ 02/04/2018 14:30
Địa điểm Phòng họp khoa
Chịu trách nhiệm Mr. Nguyen Tien Hung - Division of Electrical Engineering taught in English
Loại hoạt động Giáo dục
Weight belt feeders are widely used in industrial applications to transport solid materials into a manufacturing process at a selected feed rate. A weight belt feeder system consists of several belt conveyors with different weight ratios. In normal operations, each of belt conveyor has its own reference feed rate without any relation with each other. Obviously, in this case, if the velocity of any belt conveyor does not match a desired speed for some reason while the others are still in corrected operation then its feed rate is not kept at the expected value. The imperfection work of the belt scale happened in a sufficient time will lead to a wrong mixed component of the materials and defective production. In this talk, we present a cross limit control method on speed adjustable belt scale systems, in which if the flux rate of any belt conveyor does not guarantee and it exceeds a given limit then the setpoints of the others belt conveyors will be regulated so that the feed rates of all belt conveyors will be increased or decreased with the same percentage. The application of this method in speed adjustable belt scale systems will maintain the mixture ratio at a predesigned value and improve the quality of productions. The effectiveness of the proposed method will be demonstrated via some simulation results

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