FIT weekly seminar week 30

Đăng ngày: 17-09-2016

Odometry Motion Control For Two Wheels’ Mobile Robot

Thông tin chi tiết

Ngày và Giờ 26/03/2018 14:30
Địa điểm Phòng họp khoa
Chịu trách nhiệm Mr. Bui Hoang Dung - Division of Mechanical Engineering taught in English
Loại hoạt động Giáo dục
Two Wheel’s Mobile Robot is applied widely in industry and research due to its flexibility and simple structure. In research, it can be used to test new control algorithm, dual robot cooperation, or robot swarm. To navigate the robot, there are several approaches such as Global Position System (GPS), Pseudo GPS (using Camera) and Odometry Navigation. The two first approaches require large investment or huge effort of signal processing. The practical solution to apply at TNUT is to deploy Odometry Navigation which requires Optical Encoders to position the robot. In the presentation, the author will show how the Odometry Navigation operating, the errors and methods to fix the errors

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