Các công trình khoa học công bố năm 2009


Các bài báo

1. E.D. Doyle, Y.C. Wong, Q.T. Phan, S. Dowey., “Challenges for Exploitations of Physical Vapour Deposition in Metal Cutting, International Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Vol.3, No.4, 2009, pp. 165-170.

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3.  Do K.D. and J. PanBoundary control of three-dimensional inextensible marine risers”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 327, No. 3-5, pp. 299-321, 2009.

4. Do K.D., D.H. Nguyen, T.B. Nguyen, “Nonlinear Control of Magnetic Bearings”, SITA, China, 2009, inpress.

5. Do K.D., D.B. Nguyen, A.D. Nguyen, “Control of Nonlinear Systems with Output Tracking Error Constraints”, SITA, China, 2009, in press.

6. J. Pan, H.M. Sun, B.S. Walsh, K.D. Do, P. O’Neill,and J. Ranasinghe, “Analysis and Reduction of Blade Passing Noise of a VTOL Aircraft”, Proceedings of Acoustics 2009 Conference, Australia, pp.1-6, (2009).


Sách - Giáo trình

1.  Do K.D. and J. Pan, Control of Ships and Underwater Vehicles- Design for Underactuated and Nonlinear Marine Systems, Springer, 2009, 418 pages.

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